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An additional source of information for all events for this Family Group Name are provided in Parish Name order.
Entries are in date order within event type within Parish. Information from the parish registers for the periods about 1550-1839 , and also from other sources, have been collected. Event- Birth is usually Baptism and Event- Death is usually burial.

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Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Badsworth, Yrks Marriage 02/12/1806 Speight Matthew Harriet Child Matthew age 21 of Badsworth, Harriet age 21 of Badsworth York Ind
Castleford, Yrks Marriage 03/02/1744 Speight John Sarah Walker IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 25/01/1545 Speight Jenet Robert Crosbe P,IGI SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 07/08/1548 Speight William Anne Hayudsley P,IGI SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 28/06/1551 Speight Elizabeth Nicholas  Wylbe Speyght, Nycoles P SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 10/10/1558 Speight Sibell John Alot Speght P SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 11/08/1560 Speight Jane Robert Olred Speght P SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 02/07/1566 Speight Elizabeth Edward Walker Speyght P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 09/06/1572 Speight Robert Jane Ackeroid P,IGI SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 20/01/1573 Speight Grace Ambrose Unbye IGI says 1572-error P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 18/08/1574 Speight Mary George Stringer P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 21/01/1577 Speight John Anis Claiton Spight. IGI says 1576-error P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 06/12/1579 Speight Jenet George Fenche Spight P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 22/07/1582 Speight George Jenet Oldrood P,IGI SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 25/08/1586 Speight Richard Margaret Clayton P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 23/11/1589 Speight John Margaret Shuttleworth P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 08/06/1590 Speight Robert Agnes Grayve P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 30/08/1601 Speight Anne William Tomsorn P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 06/06/1603 Speight James Elizabeth Clay Elizabeth alias Allen P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 10/02/1604 Speight Catherine George Haye P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 19/11/1604 Speight Elizabeth Michael Oglethorpe P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 26/11/1604 Speight Anne Richard Fernsyde P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 19/11/1605 Speight William Mary Saltinstall P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 30/11/1608 Speight Susan Thomas Wormall P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 12/06/1610 Speight Robert Joyne Cartar P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 29/01/1611 Speight William Dorothy Coplay Dorithye P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 28/06/1614 Speight James Betteris Fernlay P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 19/06/1615 Speight Margaret Richard Marshall by license at York P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 27/06/1615 Speight Grace Thomas Robinson P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 05/08/1617 Speight Valentyne Elizabeth Hunter P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 11/12/1620 Speight Jenet John Townsend P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 08/05/1621 Speight William Agnes  Jepson P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 22/10/1622 Speight Alice William Whitlaye P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 20/02/1623 Speight William Sarah Whelewright Sara, Speighte of Chisell P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 09/02/1624 Speight Michael Jenet Bedforthe IGI says 1623-error P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 29/11/1624 Speight Robert Marye  Tattersall Robert of Chickenlaye P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 03/05/1625 Speight Grace Richard Rayner P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 19/05/1632 Speight Grace Michael Bentleye P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 18/07/1632 Speight Mary Robert Broadleze Marye P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 29/01/1633 Speight William Elizabeth Hall William of Ossett P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 10/08/1633 Speight Elizabeth James Dyson Elizabeth of Ossett P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 28/08/1633 Speight Edmonde Judith Lee Edmonde of Birstall P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 01/07/1635 Speight Matthew Dorothy Middlebrough of Ossett, Dorithe P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 23/11/1635 Speight Matthew Alice Wilkinson Mathew P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 17/06/1637 Speight Jennett Robert Rhodes P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 31/12/1638 Speight Isabell Thomas  Jagger P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 15/11/1639 Speight Isabell Thomas  Jagger Query-see also 31/12/1638, Issabell P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 17/02/1641 Speight James Elizabeth Steade James of Batleye P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 04/06/1646 Speight Dorothy Michael Wheatley P,IGI
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 30/05/1649 Speight James Elizabeth Whittaker P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 27/09/1651 Speight Betteris John White P
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 11/02/1689 Speight Edward Anne Carr Edward of Dewsbury York Ind
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 29/12/1791 Speight Matthew Charlotte Stapleton Matthew age 49 of Dewsbury, Charlotte age 23 of Dewsbury York Ind
Dewsbury, Yrks Marriage 05/01/1801 Speight Jonathan Martha Dews Jonathan age 48 of West Ardsley, Martha age 30 of Dewsbury York Ind
Handsworth, Yrks Marriage 26/12/1760 Speight Matthew Mary Shepard IGI SpM1705
Hunslet, Yrks Marriage y/08/1910 Speight Priscilla George Wainford Bmd SpJ1857
Hunslet, Yrks Marriage 17/10/1910 Speight Joseph Amy Rhodes cert SpJ1883
Leeds, Yrks Marriage 25/04/1733 Speight Joseph Builly Stall IGI
Leeds, Yrks Marriage 15/12/1772 Speight Benjamin Mary Lucas Benjamin age 24 of Leeds, Mary age 22 of Leeds York Ind
Leeds, Yrks Marriage 11/05/1792 Speight James Mary Waterhouse IGI SpB1753
Leeds, Yrks Marriage 26/02/1799 Speight Michael Sarah Ellis Michael age 40 of Keeds, Sarah age 30 of Leeds York Ind
Leeds, Yrks Marriage 12/12/1827 Speight Richard Rachel Bray Richard age 30 of Leeds, Rachel age 50 of Leeds York Ind
Leeds, Yrks Marriage 15/08/1833 Speight William Susanna Steel William age 50 of Leeds, Susanna age 50 of Leeds York Ind
Middlesborough Marriage 07/09/1851 Speight Alice Michael Monroch Husband aged 19, wife aged 21, father James IGI SpJ1798
Rotherham, Yrks Marriage 05/03/1760 Speight William Hannah Jenkinson Spraights  P SpM1705
Rotherham, Yrks Marriage 19/01/1785 Speight John Anne Marr Ann P,IGI SpM1705
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 16/07/1554 Speight Jenett William Maylle P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 21/10/1564 Speight William Agnes Lynlay P SpW1490
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 25/02/1647 Speight Isabella Richard Duxberrie P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 17/03/1664 Speight Elizabeth Radulphus Divers P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 09/11/1670 Speight Richard Elizabeth Spotan! P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 30/10/1704 Speight Thomas Dorothy Westeran Thomas of Battley P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 17/02/1713 Speight John Elizabeth Hall P SpJ1690
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 16/05/1721 Speight John Elizabeth Foster P SpJ1690
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 11/06/1730 Speight William Eleanor Etheringame William a widower, eliner P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 20/08/1730 Speight Sarah Simeon Bever Simeon a widower P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 26/07/1733 Speight Stephen Hannah Durham P SpJ1668
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 09/02/1735 Speight Joseph Sarah Graves Widower & widow P SpJ1690
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 11/04/1743 Speight Stephen Mary Baumforth Stephen a widower P SpJ1668
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 22/05/1751 Speight Grace Thomas Hudson P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 01/03/1757 Speight Stephen Sarah Robison Stephen age 40 of Rothwell, Sarah age 35 of Carlton York Ind SpJ1668
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 15/10/1770 Speight Mary Robert Wswift P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 12/11/1771 Speight William Elizabeth Farrer P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 20/01/1774 Speight Benjamin Elizabeth Settle Spight P SpB1753
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 27/12/1779 Speight Elizabeth Andrew Beckwith P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 14/06/1781 Speight Grace George Leak P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 06/11/1783 Speight Mary William Smirthwaite P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 05/11/1786 Speight Mary Richard Page P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 15/12/1788 Speight Ellen John Manchester P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 30/01/1793 Speight Elizabeth Joseph Ainley P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 24/12/1795 Speight James Elizabeth Dobson P SpB1753
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 04/10/1796 Speight Anne John Charlesworth Ann P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 10/09/1797 Speight Martha Joseph Whitley P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 29/04/1798 Speight William Dorothy Broomhead P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 29/09/1799 Speight Christopher Elizabeth Shepard P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 29/06/1800 Speight Michael Sarah Bower P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 21/06/1803 Speight Joseph Hannah Rockliff P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 20/11/1803 Speight Joseph Elizabeth Otty P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 19/03/1804 Speight Thomas Sarah Blakely P SpB1753
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 14/08/1808 Speight Martha Isaac Townsend P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 30/10/1810 Speight Hannah Isaac Clay P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 17/10/1811 Speight Sarah Joseph Gosnay P
Rothwell, Yrks Marriage 28/12/1818 Speight James Hannah Marsden IGI SpJ1798
Sheffield, Yrks Marriage 18/04/1786 Speight William Mary Maw Cathedral St Peter IGI SpW1767
Sheffield, Yrks Marriage 31/05/1787 Speight Godfrey Anne Speight Cathedral St Peter IGI SpM1705
Stockton RD, Durh Marriage y/02/1840 Speight Mary Joseph Holliday Bmd SpJ1798
Stockton, Durh Marriage 01/06/1851 Speight James Mary Mead cert SpJ1828
Stockton, Durh Marriage 14/08/1882 Speight Joseph Priscilla Watkins cert SpJ1857
Swillington, Yrks Marriage 30/03/1741 Speight Matthew Martha Evers fs
Wakefield, Yrks Marriage 03/07/1765 Speight Matthew Mary Clayton Matthew age 26 of Rothwell, Mary age 25 of Wakefield York Ind
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 11/12/1679 Speight Matthew Margaret Rushby P
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 29/06/1704 Speight George Margaret Elliott Margaritt P
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 17/11/1709 Speight Andrew Sarah Harteley P
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 12/03/1733 Speight Matthew Mary Newbot P SpM1705
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 09/09/1754 Speight Sarah Benjamin Spencer P
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 31/01/1766 Speight Elizabeth Thomas Shaw P SpM1705
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 24/11/1768 Speight Godfrey Rachel Ryley P SpM1705
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 31/10/1793 Speight William Sarah Shaw Spight IGI SpW1767
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 05/09/1803 Speight John Rachel Ellis John age 21 of Wath, Rachel age 21 of Wath York Ind SpW1767
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 12/07/1807 Speight William Mary Kemp fs SpM1705
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 19/05/1811 Speight Mary George Longden fs SpW1767
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 29/07/1811 Speight Hannah Joseph Bullough fs SpW1767
Wath on Dearne,Yr Marriage 13/04/1812 Speight Matthew Mary Askew IGI SpW1767
Wentworth, Yrks Marriage 08/04/1766 Speight John Elizabeth Charlton IGI SpM1705
Wentworth, Yrks Marriage c/1/1790 Speight William Susan Smith derive SpM1705
Woodkirk, Yrks Marriage 14/02/1670 Speight Henry Elizabeth Bradley Hen & Eliza IGI
Woodkirk, Yrks Marriage 16/05/1671 Speight Robert Elizabeth Briggs Robertus & Eliza IGI
Woodkirk, Yrks Marriage 30/12/1691 Speight John Elizabeth Horner Johannes & Eliz IGI
York, Yrks Marriage 09/08/1698 Speight Matthew Mary Potter Matthew age 26 of East Cottngwith, Mary age 26 of Bubwith York Ind
Dewsbury, Yrks Other 23/03/1543 Speight William Church Warden, Spyghtt P SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Other 16/03/1571 Speight Matthew Church Warden P SpW1490
Dewsbury, Yrks Other 11/01/1590 Speight Robert Clerk of Dewsbury P
Dewsbury, Yrks Other x/04/1607 Speight George Church Warden P
Dewsbury, Yrks Other x/03/1611 Speight Philemon Church Warden P
Dewsbury, Yrks Other x/04/1614 Speight William Church Warden, William junior P
Dewsbury, Yrks Other x/01/1615 Speight William Church Warden, William senior P
Dewsbury, Yrks Other x/04/1620 Speight James Church Warden P
Dewsbury, Yrks Other x/04/1624 Speight Robert Church Warden P
Dewsbury, Yrks Other x/04/1632 Speight William Church Warden P
Dewsbury, Yrks Other x/03/1638 Speight James Church Warden P

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; Ed-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;