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Location Event Event Date



Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Bolney, Sx Marriage 17/10/1592 Mills Henry Amy Fuller Henry of Cuckfield Mix
Burstow, Sy Marriage 08/02/1602 Mills William Joane Martyn Shown as Myles P,Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 27/06/1613 Mills William Mary  Pane Shown as Miles P,Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 10/04/1648 Mills Mary Matthew Foster Matthew from Worth,Miy says Walter P,Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 25/05/1682 Mills John Ann Hugget John Miles from Horley P,Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 26/05/1684 Mills William Francis Fidler P,Miy
Cowden, Knt Marriage 09/05/1633 Mills Prudence William Bartlemew IGI
Cowden, Knt Marriage 31/05/1664 Mills Mary John Bennet Marie IGI
Cowden, Knt Marriage 15/06/1680 Mills Anne William Casson IGI
Cowden, Knt Marriage 15/11/1692 Mills John Anne Carr IGI
Cowden, Knt Marriage 27/04/1701 Mills Thomas Sarah Wickenden IGI
Cowden, Knt Marriage 24/03/1702 Mills Elizabeth William Constable IGI
East Grinstead Marriage 30/05/1575 Mills Barbara Richard Culpeper Milles, maybe in Balcombe, Not in Parish Register transcript Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 11/05/1577 Mills Alice Harrie Luxford Miles P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 22/08/1580 Mills Katherine Harrie Beaver Milles, Catherine P
East Grinstead Marriage 07/05/1590 Mills Samuel Elizabeth Goodyear Miles P
East Grinstead Marriage 04/12/1593 Mills Elizabeth Robert Barnden Llic,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage x/1/1595 Mills Margery John Brown Llic,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 04/10/1601 Mills John Joan Lock Mylls, widow P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 05/08/1610 Mills Henry Esther Garden Milles P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 06/12/1616 Mills John Martha Fenner John Milles of Hoathly, or Fenuer P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 14/07/1619 Mills Avy William Lowdwel Myles P
East Grinstead Marriage 25/07/1625 Mills Katherine John Rideway Myles, Katheran P
East Grinstead Marriage 21/08/1632 Mills John Mary Underhill Milles P,Mix MiT1540
East Grinstead Marriage 09/01/1634 Mills Alan Mary Payne Milles, MP of West Hoatly P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 08/05/1643 Mills John Barbara Burr P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 06/05/1645 Mills Robert Bridget Beves P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 07/08/1648 Mills Robert Anne Browne widow P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 22/11/1651 Mills Anne Stephen Head P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 28/06/1652 Mills Thomas Mary Pryor P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 12/01/1663 Mills Mary Walter Cards Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 27/04/1675 Mills Joan George Langridge Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 12/07/1682 Mills Philip Frances Veral Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 18/02/1698 Mills Philip Jane Midhurst Mix, IGI
East Grinstead Marriage 22/04/1756 Mills Mary Robert Wicking shown as Wicken Mix WiM1698
East Grinstead Marriage 08/04/1782 Mills Jesse Mary Everest Mary Maynard Everest, Jesse of Godstone P,Mix MiW1738
Horley, Sy Marriage 13/06/1580 Mills Thomas Joane Burstow shown as Mylls P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 11/06/1582 Mills William Margaret Furner shown as Mylls P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 30/07/1584 Mills Robert Alice Owlder P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 22/07/1599 Mills Christopher Margey Wiate P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 23/09/1604 Mills Thomas Joane Doone shown as Mylles P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage x/1/1606 Mills William Mary Edsawe only year known P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 17/10/1608 Mills Robert Faith Sharpe P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 29/10/1610 Mills Elizabeth Thomas Wheeler shown as Milles P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 06/09/1612 Mills Susanna William Sanders shown as Myles P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 01/09/1624 Mills Mary Thomas Turner P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 27/04/1625 Mills Anne Robert Hilles shown as Ann Milles P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 22/09/1628 Mills Angell John Hilles shown as Mylles P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 21/09/1629 Mills Katherine James Byshop shown as Mylles P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 15/11/1632 Mills William Elizabeth Robbendson P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 23/11/1671 Mills Elizabeth George Wright shown as Milles P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 11/02/1692 Mills Richard Elizabeth Coxe P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 17/04/1726 Mills Richard Elizabeth Cudmore P,Miy
Horley, Sy Marriage 31/10/1757 Mills John Mary Bignall Mary from Reigate, shown as Miles P,Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 25/05/1692 Mills John Elizabeth Camfield shown as Camfeild, Miy says 24/5, Miles P,Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 30/06/1692 Mills John Elizabeth Roffy Miy,Ri MiW1639
Horne, Sy Marriage 29/06/1710 Mills Thomas Mary Chart Miy,Ri
Horne, Sy Marriage 08/05/1719 Mills William Mary Winn Miy,Ri
Horne, Sy Marriage 04/02/1721 Mills John Judith Blundell Miy,Ri MiJ1696
Horne, Sy Marriage 05/05/1724 Mills Anne Thomas Monk Miy,Ri
Horne, Sy Marriage 24/09/1737 Mills Elizabeth John Cooper Miy,Ri
Horne, Sy Marriage 04/04/1738 Mills John Mary Bowyer Miy,Ri
Horne, Sy Marriage 05/11/1760 Mills William Frances Martin Miy,Ri MiW1738
Horne, Sy Marriage 20/04/1788 Mills Mary Thomas Daniel shown as Dannel Miy,Ri DaT1760
Horne, Sy Marriage 22/08/1799 Mills Martha James Jenner Miy,Ri MiW1738
Horsham, Sx Marriage 27/01/1567 Mills Eleanor William Dungate Dongett, Eleanor Miles a widow P,Mix DuW1510
Horsham, Sx Marriage 21/11/1675 Mills Mary John Brown Mix BrP1600
Lindfield, Sx Marriage 07/05/1581 Mills Richard Alice Nevet Mix
Lindfield, Sx Marriage 01/10/1581 Mills Nicholas Tamsin Kynge Mix
Lindfield, Sx Marriage 23/11/1590 Mills Henry Mary Martyn Mix
Lindfield, Sx Marriage 11/09/1592 Mills Elizabeth John Coulden Mill Mix
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 02/05/1562 Mills Thomas Joan Botting P,Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 05/04/1580 Mills Joan Anthony Willito Joane IGI
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 21/07/1607 Mills Lawrence Joan Harden Myles P,Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 09/12/1617 Mills Richard Joan Bryan Myles Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 06/04/1635 Mills Thomas Anne Egge Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 04/10/1641 Mills Elizabeth William Underhill Shown as Miles Miy UnW1619
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 03/04/1687 Mills William Catherine Mather Miy
Oxted, Sy Marriage 11/11/1822 Mills Jane William Brown Miy BrW1801
West Hoathly,Sx Marriage 01/11/1616 Mills Robert Jeremy Johnson Milles P,IGI
West Hoathly,Sx Marriage c/1/1625 Mills William Sarah Feldwick derived FeW1558
West Hoathly,Sx Marriage 22/09/1638 Mills Alan Ann Gibb Llic, Mix
West Hoathly,Sx Marriage 14/05/1661 Mills Nicholas Mary Stoner P,Mix
West Hoathly,Sx Marriage 01/04/1662 Mills Gideon Elizabeth Wheeler P,Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 27/10/1560 Mills John Clemence Whyghtinge Milles Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 18/11/1565 Mills Joan Roger Ferner Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 23/09/1588 Mills Joan George Reade Mylls Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 07/09/1589 Mills Clemce William Fryer Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 13/09/1590 Mills Katherine William Deane Mylles Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 22/05/1592 Mills William Bridget Eversfeld Mylles Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 11/02/1593 Mills Elizabeth Henry Netlingham Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 21/01/1599 Mills Mary Derek Flynte Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 04/02/1610 Mills Richard Elizabeth Hide Mix
Worth, Sx Marriage 02/08/1778 Mills William Mary Phineas Widower & Widow P,Mix MiW1738
Horne, Sy Other 01/05/1659 Mills John money collected for poor 6p P
Horne, Sy Other 02/04/1690 Mills William money collected for poor 3p P
Horne, Sy Other 21/04/1723 Mills Judith baptised an adult P,Ri
West Hoathly,Sx Other 23/02/1639 Mills Robert Surety for license Llic BrJ1546

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; Ed-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;