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Entries are in date order within event type within Parish. Information from the parish registers for the periods about 1550-1839 , and also from other sources, have been collected. Event- Birth is usually Baptism and Event- Death is usually burial.

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Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Addington, Knt Marriage 11/10/1716 Colegate Thomas Ann Watts hs-P,IGI CoT1660
Ardingly, Sx Marriage 29/04/1747 Colegate Elizabeth John Shirley shown as Shareley, Colgate P,Mix ShR1590
Barming, Knt Marriage 02/10/1803 Colegate Stephen Elizabeth Powell Widow hs-PW CoS1628
Bexley, Knt Marriage 06/09/1608 Colegate Nicholas Parnell Simpson IGI CoE1540
Bexley, Knt Marriage 02/12/1756 Colegate Robert Elizabeth Griffith RCTI
Bexley, Knt Marriage 05/10/1795 Colegate Thomas Harriet Tilden RCTI
Billingshurst, Sx Marriage 22/07/1760 Colegate Stephen Sarah Cooper Colgate Mix CoJ1650
Bolney, Sx Marriage 18/07/1640 Colegate Henry Jane Lyntot Henry Colgate from Uckfield Llic,Mix CoH1608
Brasted, Knt Marriage 20/04/1598 Colegate Paul Mary Staple Collgate hs-PW
Brasted, Knt Marriage 26/10/1756 Colegate Martha William Thompson Martha of Sevenoaks, witness Stephen Colegate P CoJ1727
Brasted, Knt Marriage 26/05/1799 Colegate John Mary Thomas Colgate, or Tomas, witness Sarah Colgate P,hs-PW CoJ1769
Chelsfield, Knt Marriage 18/10/1563 Colegate Thomas Margaret Rumming Colgate hs-PW,IGI CoE1540
Chelsfield, Knt Marriage 20/06/1603 Colegate John Susan Heath Colgate hs-PW CoE1540
Chevening, Knt Marriage 07/11/1591 Colegate Joan Christopher Boghurst IGI
Chevening, Knt Marriage 28/10/1756 Colegate John Elizabeth Sale Colgate, Elizabeth of Sundridge p-bc,hs-PW CoJ1727
Chevening, Knt Marriage 10/11/1772 Colegate Mary Thomas Avery Colgate IGI
Chevening, Knt Marriage 05/03/1779 Colegate John Esther Collins Colgate, widower hs-PW,IGI CoJ1727
Chevening, Knt Marriage 05/03/1779 Colegate Mary John Boorman hs,IGI CoJ1727
Chevening, Knt Marriage 26/03/1792 Colegate Charlotte James Pine Colgate, IGI says Pune, James of Otham IGI, hs CoJ1727
Chiddingly, Sx Marriage 26/11/1768 Colegate Henry Hannah Hickes Henry from Framfield, farmer 26, Hannah 28 Llic,Mix CoH1608
Chiddingly, Sx Marriage 30/11/1768 Colegate Henry Hannah Hickes Henry from Framfield, Mix CoH1608
Chislehurst, Knt Marriage 20/07/1622 Colegate Anthony Mary Marchol Antony Colgate hs-PW
Chislehurst, Knt Marriage 26/01/1694 Colegate Anthony Joane Dickenson Antony Colgate, Joane hs-PW
Chislehurst, Knt Marriage 08/04/1809 Colegate Henry Anne Squire Colgate hs-PW,IGI
Cowden, Knt Marriage 16/04/1693 Colegate John Ann Teage p,hs-PW,IGI CoR1613
Cowden, Knt Marriage 18/11/1718 Colegate Sarah John Wickenden p, IGI
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 16/10/1738 Colegate John Mary Comber Miy CoJ1719
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 11/04/1763 Colegate Thomas Jenny Finnes Thomas from Edenbridge Miy CoJ1719
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 08/09/1829 Colegate Jane William Brown Miy error shows as 'Beaves??' & 'Coldgate' P,Mix BrW1810
Cudham, Knt Marriage 28/10/1729 Colegate Stephen Matha Calverly Stephen of Tatsfield, or Caffyn hs-PW CoJ1727
Dallington, Sx Marriage 19/08/1679 Colegate Nicholas Elizabeth Baker Nicholas from Rotherfield P,Mix CoR1613
Downe, Knt Marriage 06/02/1627 Colegate Robert Alice Feilder Colgate hs-PW
East Chiltington,Sx  Marriage 29/12/1691 Colegate Anne Joshua French Colgate, Joshua of Chailey. Mix
East Chiltington,Sx  Marriage 13/11/1694 Colegate Abigail James Holing Colgate Mix
East Farleigh,Knt Marriage 20/10/1723 Colegate John Ann Wyborn John Colgate widower, Ann (WiBourn) widow, both of Wrotham hs-P,IGI
East Grinstead Marriage 1/12/1605 Colegate Michael Joan Soas Mychell Coulgate & Joann Soas?, day not known P,Mix CoM1555
East Grinstead Marriage 07/10/1661 Colegate Joan Robert Humfrey Colgate P CoR1585
East Grinstead Marriage 15/05/1673 Colegate Henry Frances Castleden Coalegate P,Mix CoH1650
East Grinstead Marriage 07/05/1765 Colegate Elizabeth William Wood P
East Grinstead,Sx Marriage 23/06/1721 Colegate Elizabeth Abraham White Elizabeth of East Grinstead,Abraham of Streat Llic,Mix
East Grinstead,Sx Marriage 19/01/1731 Colegate Mary Thomas Finnice Colgate Mix
East Grinstead,Sx Marriage 26/07/1736 Colegate Anne William Chatterton Mix
East Hoathly, Sx Marriage 23/07/1811 Colegate Hannah William Wallis Wullis, Colgate Mix
East Hoathly, Sx Marriage 26/07/1811 Colegate Hannah William Wallis Mix-llic
East Malling, Knt Marriage 07/10/1706 Colegate John Mary Ashdown John Colgate of Wrotham hs-P,IGI
Edenbridge, Knt Marriage 26/03/1676 Colegate Elizabeth Richard Batchelor Ed-cd
Edenbridge, Knt Marriage 20/11/1770 Colegate Henry Elizabeth Wood hs-LC,hs-PW CoJ1719
Edenbridge, Knt Marriage 22/10/1797 Colegate Sarah John Penfold hs-LC CoJ1719
Edenbridge, Knt Marriage 03/11/1803 Colegate Mercy James Wood hs-LC,Ed-cd CoJ1719
Edenbridge, Knt Marriage 27/10/1815 Colegate Henry Mary Hollands hs-LC,Ed-cd CoJ1719
Eynsford, Knt Marriage 03/05/1574 Colegate Robert Margerie Short Colgate hs-PW CoE1540
Eynsford, Knt Marriage 15/01/1578 Colegate Arthur Alse Nott Coulgat hs-PW CoE1540
Eynsford, Knt Marriage 26/09/1586 Colegate Robert Alse Harrise Colgate hs-PW CoE1540
Eynsford, Knt Marriage 16/10/1643 Colegate Robert Anne Nott hs-PW,RCTI CoM1555
Eynsford, Knt Marriage 27/09/1646 Colegate Anne Thomas Nott IGI,RCTI CoM1555
Farnborough, Knt Marriage 18/07/1551 Colegate Paul Amea Lambe Paulus Colgat hs-PW
Farningham, Knt Marriage 23/07/1689 Colegate John Mary Launder or Launders hs-PW,IGI
Farningham, Knt Marriage 13/02/1764 Colegate Rebecca Thomas Kingsland IGI
Farningham, Knt Marriage 25/11/1785 Colegate Mildred William Legen IGI
Fleet Prison Marriage 06/05/1725 Colegate Daniel Mary  Burgess Daniel brasier of Battle, Mary of Shoreham, Knt Mix
Fleet Prison Marriage 10/01/1736 Colegate Mary John Laud Colgate, Mary of East Grinstead, John of Middle Temple Mix
Fletching, Sx Marriage 03/06/1705 Colegate John Mary Sellen Colgate P,Mix CoJ1683
Foots Cray, Knt Marriage 09/10/1587 Colegate Nicholas Joan Maynerde Nycolas Colgatt, Jonne hs-PW CoE1540
Framfield, Sx Marriage 02/05/1710 Colegate Robert Elizabeth Earle Colgate P,Mix CoH1608
Framfield, Sx Marriage 05/01/1738 Colegate Robert Mary Cornwall P,Mix CoH1608
Framfield, Sx Marriage 26/11/1758 Colegate Sarah John  Cripps Mix CoH1608
Framfield, Sx Marriage 17/04/1759 Colegate Mary Robert Driver Mix CoH1608
Framfield, Sx Marriage 18/10/1771 Colegate Anne William Collins Mix CoH1608
Framfield, Sx Marriage 16/11/1776 Colegate Henry Jane Roots henry Colgate widower, Jane 21 Llic,Mix CoH1608
Framfield, Sx Marriage 21/11/1776 Colegate Henry Jane Roots henry widower P,Mix CoH1608
Framfield, Sx Marriage 07/07/1793 Colegate Winifred Thomas Penffold Mix
Framfield, Sx Marriage 20/03/1802 Colegate Jane Thomas  Holman Jane 22+, Thomas 31+ Mix-llic
Framfield, Sx Marriage 22/03/1802 Colegate Jane Thomas  Holman Colgate Mix
Frant, Sx Marriage 12/06/1707 Colegate Mary Thomas Sawyer Mix CoR1613
Frant, Sx Marriage 12/10/1718 Colegate Mary George Hollamby Colgate, George of Speldhurst. Mix CoS1628
Godstone, Sy Marriage 17/04/1734 Colegate Susan John Piper Colgate, John of Croydon Miy
Godstone, Sy Marriage 17/04/1734 Colegate Susan John Piper John Piper of Croydon, carpenter, bachelor, 29,and Susan Colgate of Croydon, spinster, 25 ; at Godstone.  SyLic
Godstone, Sy Marriage 17/10/1734 Colegate William Elizabeth Wickenden Colegate Miy
Godstone, Sy Marriage 17/10/1734 Colegate William Elizabeth Wickenden William Colgate of Bromley, Kent, husbandman,bachelor, 29, and Elzabeth Wickenden of Bromley, spinster, 30,at Godstone.  SyLic
Hadlow, Knt Marriage 13/05/1753 Colegate Martha John Luck fs
Hadlow, Knt Marriage 31/12/1776 Colegate Stephen Ann Rixon Colgate, IGI says 24/12, by license hs-PW,IGI CoS1628
Halstead, Knt Marriage 27/07/1578 Colegate Ellen William Barnard IGI, RCTI
Halstead, Knt Marriage x/1/1650 Colegate Dorothy Timothy Steven IGI
Hartfield, Sx Marriage 05/07/1629 Colegate Mark Elizabeth Munfield (or Hunfield) P,Mix CoM1555
Hartfield, Sx Marriage x/02/1749 Colegate Elizabeth William Blackman Colgate Mix
Hurstpierpoint Marriage 27/05/1766 Colegate John Mary Read Mix
Ightham, Knt Marriage 29/01/1683 Colegate Thomas Jane Chary Colgate hs-PW,IGI CoT1660
Ightham, Knt Marriage 07/11/1814 Colegate Mary James Dismore IGI
Ightham, Knt Marriage 18/09/1825 Colegate Thomas Jane May IGI
Isfield, Sx Marriage 30/12/1750 Colegate Annarina Thomas Blackstone Mix CoH1650
Knockholt, Knt Marriage 25/04/1566 Colegate Arthur Joan Barnard Arthure Coalgate, Joane hs-PW CoE1540
Lewes, Sx Marriage 27/09/1622 Colegate Stephen Cecily Awcock Stephen Colgate from Magna Chart, Kent Llic,Mix
Lewes, Sx Marriage 30/09/1622 Colegate Stephen Cecily Awcock St John, Southover Mix
Lewes, Sx Marriage 30/10/1622 Colegate Stephen Cecily Aniots St John, Southover Mix
Lewes, Sx Marriage 23/04/1667 Colegate Robert Elizabeth Crouch Mix CoR1606
Lewes, Sx Marriage 03/04/1739 Colegate Mary Joseph Attersol Colgate Mix
Limpsfield, Sy Marriage 24/12/1788 Colegate William Sarah Hayward Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 11/06/1697 Colegate John Margaret Everist Colgate Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 13/04/1703 Colegate Mary George Langridge Miy
Little Horsted, Sx Marriage 02/07/1686 Colegate John Mary Miller John Coalgate from Uckfield, sur Robert Coulgate of Lewes, Mary of Fletching Llic,Mix CoH1608
Little Horsted, Sx Marriage 06/07/1686 Colegate John Mary Miller John from Uckfield, Mary of Fletching Mix CoH1608
Little Horsted, Sx Marriage 28/03/1700 Colegate Henry Elizabeth Peckham Henry Colgate from Uckfield Llic,Mix CoH1608
Little Horsted, Sx Marriage 02/04/1700 Colegate Henry Elizabeth Peckham Henry Colgate from Uckfield Mix CoH1608
Lullingstone, Knt Marriage 09/07/1637 Colegate John Joan Buste hs-PW CoE1540
Maidstone, Knt Marriage 25/10/1747 Colegate George Clement Comber RCTI CoS1628
Northiam, Sx Marriage 10/11/1561 Colegate Stephen Isabel Hollman Northiam is near Hastings/Battle Mix
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 04/08/1611 Colegate Mary Thomas Milles Miy
Pembury, Knt Marriage 19/07/1747 Colegate John Susan Waters Colgate hs-PW
Penshurst, Knt Marriage 18/07/1661 Colegate Edward Jane Goldsmith Collgate, or Gouldsmith, widow hs-PW
Plaxdol, Knt Marriage 30/01/1779 Colegate James Martha Beel James of Wrotham, Martha of West Peckham hs-PW
Plumpton, Sx Marriage 07/12/1691 Colegate Anne Joseph  French Ann of Street, John of Chailey, Surity John Colgate of Plumpton, Cordwainer Llic,Mix
Plumpton, Sx Marriage 22/01/1692 Colegate Anne Joseph  French Colget Mix
Plumpton, Sx Marriage 25/04/1693 Colegate Tamsin Thomas Prichet Colgate Mix
Pyecombe, Sx Marriage 02/09/1712 Colegate Mary John Holford Llic,Mix CoR1606
Pyecombe, Sx Marriage 08/09/1712 Colegate Mary John Holford Mix CoR1606
Ringmer, Sx Marriage 27/03/1676 Colegate Henry Elizabeth Benbrooke Henry Colgat of Uckfield, suriety Robert Colgate SmLic CoH1608
Ringmer, Sx Marriage 30/03/1676 Colegate Henry Elizabeth Benbrooke Henry from Uckfield Mix CoH1608
Ringmer, Sx Marriage 29/06/1685 Colegate Elizabeth Thomas Holden Elizabeth widow of Uckfield, Thomas  of Framfield Smail-Lic,Mix CoH1608
Ringmer, Sx Marriage 30/06/1685 Colegate Elizabeth Thomas Holden Thomas Hollman of Framfield Mix CoH1608
Rotherfield, Sx Marriage 01/08/1597 Colegate Jane Thomas Hothly Mix
Rotherfield, Sx Marriage 09/07/1615 Colegate William Margery Coulgate, wife's name not shown so assumed P,Mix CoE1540
Rotherfield, Sx Marriage 11/02/1675 Colegate Joan Edward Kember Mix
Ryarsh, Knt Marriage 27/10/1720 Colegate Richard Elizabeth Parker Elizabeth bap 13/04/1696 in Wrotham, dau Matthew & Joan hs-PW,IGI
Ryarsh, Knt Marriage 02/11/1823 Colegate George Mary Diprose hs-lyn:fs
Seal, Knt Marriage 09/04/1727 Colegate Thomas Elizabeth Gooden Thomas Colgate widower hs-PW CoR1613
Sevenoaks, Knt Marriage 07/08/1614 Colegate Edward Mary Louckhurst hs-PW CoE1540
Sevenoaks, Knt Marriage 16/02/1689 Colegate Ellen Thomas Walter RCTI
Sevenoaks, Knt Marriage 25/09/1717 Colegate Thomas Susan Drabridge hs-PW,RCTI CoR1613
Sevenoaks, Knt Marriage 21/09/1740 Colegate Thomas Agnes Wickenden Thomas Colgate of Seal hs-PW,RCTI CoR1613
Sevenoaks, Knt Marriage 03/01/1749 Colegate Robert Ann Norton Robert Colgate of Seal hs-PW,RCTI CoR1613
Sevenoaks, Knt Marriage 02/06/1760 Colegate Robert Jane Towart Colgate hs-PW,RCTI CoR1613
Sevenoaks, Knt Marriage 29/09/1765 Colegate Jane Francis Fiveash Francis of Seal hs-PW,RCTI CoR1613
Sevenoaks, Knt Marriage 22/11/1778 Colegate John Sarah Verrall Verral hs-PW,RCTI CoR1613
Shipbourne, Knt Marriage 08/06/1725 Colegate John Anne Weller Mrs hs-PW
Shipbourne, Knt Marriage 31/01/1815 Colegate Thomas Sarah Martin IGI
Shipbourne, Knt Marriage 19/10/1828 Colegate Jeremiah Ann Cordell IGI
Shoreham, Knt Marriage 06/02/1597 Colegate John Dorothy Marchall hs-PW,IGI CoE1540
Shoreham, Knt Marriage 16/06/1631 Colegate John Jane Pearch Colgate hs-PW,IGI CoE1540
Shoreham, Knt Marriage 09/02/1633 Colegate Henry Joan Ridley Colgate hs-PW,IGI CoE1540
Southwark, Ldn Marriage 28/11/1607 Colegate Andrew Elizabeth Young Coldgat, St Olave Miy
Southwark, Ldn Marriage 11/03/1649 Colegate Richard Frances Cherey Colgate, St thomas, Frances from Erith, Kent Miy
Southwark, Ldn Marriage 20/08/1776 Colegate John Amy Staples Colgeat, St John Miy
Southwark, Ldn Marriage x/1/1791 Colegate David Mary Agate Colgate, Christchurch Miy CoJ1727
Speldhurst, Knt Marriage 04/09/1609 Colegate Richard Lettice Latter hs-PW CoR1585
Speldhurst, Knt Marriage 18/02/1667 Colegate Mercy John Palmer RCTI CoR1585
Speldhurst, Knt Marriage 01/01/1679 Colegate Elizabeth George Marden RCTI CoM1555
Speldhurst, Knt Marriage 10/05/1692 Colegate Elizabeth David Searls david of Sundridge RCTI CoR1585
Speldhurst, Knt Marriage 06/10/1712 Colegate Martha William Cobus William of Hailsham Mix
Speldhurst, Knt Marriage 20/10/1716 Colegate Stephen Elizabeth Leader Stephen of Hadlow, by license hs-PW CoS1628
Speldhurst, Knt Marriage 29/09/1762 Colegate John Mary Goldsmith John widower of Seal hs-PW,fs CoR1613
St Bride's, Ldn Marriage 19/05/1715 Colegate Rebecca John Dungate John of East Grinstead, Rebecca of Hadlow knt Mix CoS1628
St Mary Cray, Knt Marriage 13/11/1623 Colegate Robert Joan Eaton Colgate, Jone hs-PW CoE1540
Stanmer, Sx Marriage 24/06/1708 Colegate Jane John Tyler Jane of Uckfield Mix
Stansted, Knt Marriage 29/08/1785 Colegate John Easter Greenaway Colgate hs-PW
Stansted, Knt Marriage 01/06/1788 Colegate George Jane Yeowell Colgate hs-PW
Stansted, Knt Marriage 08/04/1804 Colegate William Ann Paris Colgate hs-PW
Streat, Sx Marriage 08/03/1699 Colegate John Alice Gravestock Colgat Mix
Ticehurst, Sx Marriage 09/10/1687 Colegate Richard Elizabeth Sheather Coldgate Mix,IGI CoR1613
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 18/06/1559 Colegate Ano Thomas Head female, widow, Thomas of Lullingstone IGI, RCTI CoE1540
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 17/09/1559 Colegate Martin Joan Caryar Colgate hs-PW,IGI CoE1540
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 20/01/1565 Colegate Alice William Tattye IGI,RCTI CoE1540
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 18/07/1575 Colegate Alice Thomas Franklinge Colgate RCTI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 28/11/1585 Colegate Margaret Hugh Johnston Colgate,Margaret W RCTI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 28/10/1591 Colegate Ales John Dobson Colgate, John of Eynsford RCTI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 07/11/1591 Colegate Alice John Barry Colgate, John of Westerham RCTI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 06/02/1625 Colegate Mercy Robert Ryng IGI CoM1555
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 17/01/1688 Colegate John Judith Rose Colgate hs-PW,IGI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 15/09/1695 Colegate John Elizabeth Johnson Colgate hs-PW,IGI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 16/01/1704 Colegate Elizabeth Thomas Hollamby Colgate, widow, Thomas of Rye Mix
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 05/10/1704 Colegate Mary Sam Packham Colgate RCTI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 01/11/1737 Colegate Henry Elizabeth Ridge Henry Coldgate  from Uckfield Mix CoH1608
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 17/06/1744 Colegate John Ann Cossam or Cossun hs-PW,IGI CoR1613
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 04/10/1768 Colegate Elizabeth William Verrall hs-PW,IGI CoR1613
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 29/05/1785 Colegate Thomas Elizabeth Eastland Colgate hs-PW,IGI CoT1660
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 19/10/1787 Colegate Thomas Mary Hoare Colgate, Thomas of Limpsfield, born 1767. hs-PW,IGI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 06/11/1809 Colegate Charlotte Edward Peckham IGI, RCTI
Tonbridge, Knt Marriage 27/10/1814 Colegate John Mary Maryan John Colgate of Withyham Mix,IGI
Uckfield, Sx Marriage 01/05/1666 Colegate Anne Henry Chatfield Ann p CoH1608
Uckfield, Sx Marriage 19/10/1675 Colegate Jane William Hoasman p CoH1608
Uckfield, Sx Marriage 25/04/1676 Colegate Robert Sarah Durrant P,Mix CoH1608
Uckfield, Sx Marriage 24/02/1722 Colegate Mary Edmond Ward p CoH1608
Uckfield, Sx Marriage 26/01/1769 Colegate Mary Thomas  Winchester p
Wadhurst, Sx Marriage 14/05/1725 Colegate Mary Thomas Martin Colegeat Mix
West Grinstead Marriage 07/06/1705 Colegate Stephen Sarah Linser Colgate, Stephen of Henfield Mix CoJ1650
West Grinstead Marriage 09/05/1758 Colegate Stephen Susanna Woolven Colgate Mix CoJ1650
West Peckham,K Marriage 27/04/1819 Colegate George Mary Baldwin Colgate, George of Seal IGI,hs-LG CoT1660
Westerham, Knt Marriage 01/11/1568 Colegate Henry Joan  Britt Henry a tailor, Joane dau of Thomas hs-PW,RCTI CoE1540
Westerham, Knt Marriage 13/10/1578 Colegate Matthew Ursula Becher Colgate hs-PW CoM1555
Westerham, Knt Marriage 06/05/1767 Colegate John Mary Roper Coldgate (RCTI says Hoper) hs-PW,RCTI CoJ1743
Westerham, Knt Marriage 04/03/1779 Colegate Elizabeth James Steming RCTI
Westerham, Knt Marriage 08/10/1785 Colegate Elizabeth Edward  Sales RCTI
Westerham, Knt Marriage 20/07/1794 Colegate William Ann Greenville Coulgate hs-PW,RCTI CoJ1743
Westmeston,Sx Marriage 27/10/1691 Colegate Elizabeth William Giles Gyles Mix CoR1606
Worth, Sx Marriage 04/04/1689 Colegate John Ann Wood Colgutt P,Mix
Wrotham, Knt Marriage 24/02/1706 Colegate Robert Anne Broad Coldgate, labourer hs-PW
Wrotham, Knt Marriage 17/10/1717 Colegate Nicholas Ann Lemmy Colgate hs-PW CoT1660
Wrotham, Knt Marriage 10/11/1722 Colegate William Elizabeth Whiting hs-PW
Bessels Grn, Knt Other 06/08/1721 Colegate Stephen baptised in Baptist chapel P-bc CoJ1727
Bessels Grn, Knt Other 07/11/1725 Colegate Martha baptised in Baptist chapel P-bc CoJ1727
Bessels Grn, Knt Other 11/09/1748 Colegate John baptised in Baptist chapel P-bc CoJ1727
Bessels Grn, Knt Other 01/04/1772 Colegate Robert baptised in Baptist chapel P-bc CoJ1727
Bessels Grn, Knt Other 04/02/1781 Colegate Charlotte baptised in Baptist chapel P-bc CoJ1727
Bessels Grn, Knt Other 04/02/1781 Colegate Elizabeth baptised in Baptist chapel P-bc CoJ1727
Bessels Grn, Knt Other 03/08/1783 Colegate Martha baptised in Baptist chapel P-bc CoJ1727
Speldhurst, Knt Other 22/07/1683 Colegate Reuben Baptised date RCTI CoS1628

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; Ed-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;