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Entries are in date order within event type within Parish. Information from the parish registers for the periods about 1550-1839 , and also from other sources, have been collected. Event- Birth is usually Baptism and Event- Death is usually burial.

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Location Event Event Date



Father or
Spouse f.n.

Mother or
Spouse s.n.

Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 12/12/1590 Blundell Audrey Richard Terry Blunden Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 17/11/1594 Blundell Elizabeth Richard Vernst Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 11/09/1597 Blundell William Judith Dates Blondel Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 17/07/1606 Blundell Mary Richard Terry Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 08/09/1611 Blundell Susan Thomas Nichols Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 13/08/1615 Blundell Robert Jane Lyfe Blunddell Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 02/12/1616 Blundell Jane Richard Chapman Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 16/06/1622 Blundell Mabel Robert Ridle Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 30/10/1626 Blundell Edward Mary Coupper Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 20/02/1638 Blundell Mary Thomas Woodman Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 17/11/1653 Blundell Jane James Whitaker James of Kent Miy
Bletchingley, Sy Marriage 28/10/1673 Blundell George Sarah Clements Blundel Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 06/05/1576 Blundell Thomasine Christopher Wright Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 06/06/1605 Blundell Matthew Joan Chittie Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 03/12/1652 Blundell Elizabeth William Delve Blundle, William of East Grinstead, Elizabeth of Horne Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 11/09/1655 Blundell Frances Richard Stilwell Blundle Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 20/05/1674 Blundell Richard Sarah Wells Blundle, Sarah of Bletchingley Miy
Burstow, Sy Marriage 19/06/1675 Blundell John Elizabeth Holmes John of Burstow, Elizabeth of Horley Miy-lic
Charlwood, Sy Marriage 27/09/1607 Blundell Mary Henry  Weller Miy
Charlwood, Sy Marriage 01/08/1611 Blundell William Joan Francis Blundel Miy
Charlwood, Sy Marriage 05/04/1619 Blundell Thomas Mary Blanchyard Blunden Miy
Charlwood, Sy Marriage 01/05/1626 Blundell Mary George Hopwood Blunden Miy
Crowhurst, Sy Marriage 31/07/1606 Blundell John Mary Lye Blunden Miy
Cuckfield, Sx Marriage 20/05/1589 Blundell George Judith Coocheman sur Robert Blundell, all of Cuckfield, George a shoemaker Llic BuJ1510
Cuckfield, Sx Marriage 25/02/1606 Blundell Emma Ferdinand Bingham Fardinado, IGI  1605-error, Emma  (or Eamme) a widow of Ockenden Mix,IGI
Cuckfield, Sx Marriage 12/10/1607 Blundell Katherine Richard Terrie Katherine (or Catherine)  a widow, Richard a widow Mix,IGI
Cuckfield, Sx Marriage 21/07/1616 Blundell George Dorothy Bluet Mix,IGI
Cuckfield, Sx Marriage 14/10/1653 Blundell Joan Thomas Buckwell Mix,IGI
East Grinstead Marriage 06/05/1576 Blundell Robert Alice Wallis P,Mix BuJ1510
East Grinstead Marriage 05/09/1603 Blundell Joan Edward Parre Joanne P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 11/08/1605 Blundell George Marye Tybboull P,Mix BuJ1510
East Grinstead Marriage 24/07/1620 Blundell Anne William Butchin Ann P
East Grinstead Marriage 23/09/1624 Blundell Elizabeth John Faulconer shown as Faulkner Llic,Mix FaJ1605
East Grinstead Marriage 04/10/1624 Blundell Elizabeth John Faulconer shown as Faulkner, shown as Blunden P,Sx,Mi FaJ1605
East Grinstead Marriage 26/06/1626 Blundell William Mary Best P,Mix
East Grinstead Marriage 27/05/1630 Blundell Mary John Venner or ffenner P
East Grinstead Marriage 11/05/1637 Blundell Richard Joane Brooks P
East Grinstead Marriage 07/02/1648 Blundell Margaret Thomas Page P
East Grinstead Marriage 08/04/1656 Blundell Joan Henry  Bristow banns issued 23/03 P
East Grinstead Marriage 08/01/1681 Blundell Elizabeth John Cocks IGI 1680-error Mix,IGI
East Grinstead Marriage 26/07/1692 Blundell Elizabeth Nicholas Francis Mix,IGI
Fletching, Sx Marriage 24/01/1575 Blundell Robert Joan Chevington Blonndall Mix BuJ1510
Horley, Sy Marriage 25/05/1658 Blundell Anne William Roffey Ann Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 31/07/1645 Blundell James Frances Cox Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 13/05/1669 Blundell Mary Thomas Comber Blundel Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 05/08/1677 Blundell John Anne Browne Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 15/05/1678 Blundell James Angel Bish James of Horne, Angel of Lingfield Miy-lic
Horne, Sy Marriage 23/05/1678 Blundell James Angel Bish Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 19/05/1698 Blundell James Mary Bannister Blundel Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 04/02/1700 Blundell Elizabeth Jasper Cox Blundel Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 14/09/1704 Blundell Mary James Terry Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 19/11/1706 Blundell Mary Thomas Miles Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 06/10/1708 Blundell Anne John Best Ann Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 19/05/1709 Blundell Ruth William Mulford Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 01/11/1710 Blundell Elizabeth John Potter Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 30/01/1721 Blundell Sarah William Bowman Miy
Horne, Sy Marriage 04/02/1721 Blundell Judith John Mills Miy,Ri MiJ1695
Horne, Sy Marriage 28/03/1722 Blundell Sarah Abraham Bishop Blundel Miy
Limpsfield, Sy Marriage 28/08/1642 Blundell Mary Edward Wells Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 14/08/1561 Blundell William Joan Jewell Blondell Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 07/06/1562 Blundell Joan Thomas Peniale Blondell Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 02/05/1583 Blundell Robert Ann Symons Blondell Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 03/07/1587 Blundell William Joan Plaw Blondell Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 12/05/1589 Blundell Joan Richard Pennade Blondell Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 03/05/1596 Blundell Nicholas Gillian Giles Blondell Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 08/04/1597 Blundell Richard Joan Frith Blondell Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 21/12/1601 Blundell George Alice Evans Blondall Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 29/12/1601 Blundell George Alice Evans Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 24/07/1603 Blundell Agnes John Agg Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 19/06/1609 Blundell John Elizabeth Ley Blondell Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 03/02/1611 Blundell Frances Henry  Brian Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 27/10/1625 Blundell Anne John Botting Ann Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 06/12/1627 Blundell George Margaret Chart Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 15/02/1673 Blundell Sarah Thomas Cuddington Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 26/06/1679 Blundell Mary John Knight Blundle Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 27/04/1680 Blundell Mary George Noble Blundle Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 23/05/1682 Blundell Anne John Hollands Blundel Miy
Lingfield, Sy Marriage 13/01/1686 Blundell George Mary Rogers Blundle Miy BuG1660
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 29/07/1574 Blundell John Joan Roffe Miy
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 08/07/1604 Blundell Robert Joyce Matthew Miy
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 17/06/1610 Blundell Clemence Roger Bowyer Miy
Nutfield, Sy Marriage 02/11/1612 Blundell Richard Elizabeth Bridges Miy
Southwark Marriage 20/10/1594 Blundell John Elizabeth Lingam Blonden Miy
Southwark -Olave Marriage 27/12/1677 Blundell Edward Mary Mansfield Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 27/11/1618 Blundell John Catherine Beret Blundle Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 30/04/1619 Blundell George Elizabeth Shepard Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 28/01/1621 Blundell Richard Ann Tare Blundle Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 16/05/1623 Blundell Joseph Mary Ash Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 05/02/1633 Blundell Anne John Vaughan Ann Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 22/04/1633 Blundell Mary Thomas Clarke Blundle Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 06/10/1634 Blundell Mary William Gosling Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 25/03/1648 Blundell Jane Paul Loneere Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 27/08/1649 Blundell Catherine Robert Woodman Blunden Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 01/01/1656 Blundell Stephen Mary Bulley Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 01/04/1663 Blundell Frances Henry  Parnham Blundey Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 29/07/1666 Blundell Susanna Richard Walker Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 05/03/1667 Blundell Elizabeth John Burgis Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 06/01/1673 Blundell Catherine John Masey Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 25/02/1674 Blundell Alice Richard Outing Blunday Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 01/08/1680 Blundell Anne Philip Edmonds Ann Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 06/11/1683 Blundell Anne Abraham Huggitt Blandell Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 15/07/1694 Blundell Mary Jonathan Denton Miy
Southwark-GM Marriage 02/12/1694 Blundell Alice William West Blundall Miy
Worth, Sx Marriage 18/02/1560 Blundell John Joan Swane Johan Mix,IGI BuJ1535
Worth, Sx Marriage 13/06/1575 Blundell John Agnes Dovell Blondle IGI BuJ1535
Worth, Sx Marriage 18/04/1580 Blundell Elizabeth Richard Aphen Mix,IGI BuJ1510
Worth, Sx Marriage 18/06/1582 Blundell Margaret John Peater Mix,IGI BuJ1510
Worth, Sx Marriage 09/09/1588 Blundell Edward Katherine Aburley Mix,IGI BuJ1510
Worth, Sx Marriage 10/12/1591 Blundell George Emma Stone George of Cuckfield Llic BuJ1510
Worth, Sx Marriage 31/01/1592 Blundell George Eme Stone P BuJ1510
Worth, Sx Marriage 10/04/1608 Blundell Anne Edward Nicholas Mix,IGI
Worth, Sx Marriage 02/05/1613 Blundell Dorothy Stephen Turke Darothie & Stephene Mix,IGI
Worth, Sx Marriage 14/07/1616 Blundell Anne Richard Staplehurst Mix,IGI
Worth, Sx Marriage 21/09/1625 Blundell Joseph Katherine Joseph a widower Mix,IGI

Key for Source: P - Parish Register Transcripts; 'p' -PRT, but needs recheck; SxF -Sussex Family History Group; SxG -Sussex Genealogies; We -The Weald Sx Record Society; Ri -Vital record index; Wills -from a 'Will'; C/xx - Census for year; Mix -Sussex Marriage Index CD; Miy -Surrey Marriage Index CD; Biy -Surrey burial index CD; An- Ancestry Yorkshire Cd's ; Llic - Lewes Licence Register; Cert -Oficial Certificates; Bmd -Births Index (1837+); IGI -International Genealogical Index; Ed-cd -NWKFHS Edenbridge CD; hs-X -named history source; hs -Other History source; fs- Family Search;